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Gourmet  Desserts & More

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Can I phone or e-mail an order for pick-up?

Of course! The best way to place an order is via email at [email protected] However, you can also contact us at (202) 656-3403 and one of our sales associates would be happy to assist you with placing an order over the phone or via email. Please note that, due to the high volume of orders that we fulfill during peak periods, we may occasionally be unable to accommodate your preferred order date and time.

Do you accept call-ahead orders for same day pick-up?

No!  We need at least 24 hours notice. 

Do I need to pre-pay?

Yes!  We do require pre-pay to hold your spot.  We accept cash app and/or Paypal.

Does KupKake'd by DeVita only bake kupkakes?

Yes and No! Our menu includes a wide variety of kupkake flavors and we regularly add new flavors. We also bake pound cakes and parfaits upon special request. Some savory eats orders will be considered on a case by case basis.

Does KupKake'd by DeVita sell mini-kupkakes?

No!  We do however use them for our tastings.

Does KupKake'd by DeVita host tastings?

Yes!  Tastings are held on Saturdays once a month. Scheduled tastings are held for a $25 fee. We ask that you bring 1 other person with you to the scheduled tastings.  We do not serve the tipsy kupkakes at our tastings and will only have considered items available.

How do I store my kupkakes?

We recommend that you store your kupkakes at room temperature. If you will be consuming the kupkakes more than 24 hours after purchasing them, we recommend freezing  and they are good for up to 10 days after they are purchased. To thaw them, leave them at room temperature for 2–3 hours before they are to be served.  We do not recommend storing in the refrigerator, as it will dry the kupkakes. 

How much are the kupkakes and sizes?

We are pleased to offer the following prices on our Jumbo and Standard styled kupkakes, BY THE DOZEN ONLY:

1-Dozen STANDARD: $36.00

1-Dozen JUMBO: $42.50 (Tipsy KupKakes are available an additional cost)

While we specialize on in jumbo treats, we do have standard size kupkakes available for purchase.

 For orders, please contact [email protected] and one of our sales associates will be delighted to assist you. For corporate orders involving multiple locations or multiple recipients, please be sure to indicate "Corporate Catering" in the subject line of your email. 

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use only the finest ingredients with — yes — creamy frostings, Valrhona  chocolate, cane sugars, sweet butter and all the other great things that make our gourmet treats delicious and indulgent. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific ingredient in any of our products (for allergies, etc.), please check with us directly before placing an order. Please note, we do offer select products that are eggless, sugar-free, or dairy-free.