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Gourmet  Desserts & More



Cooking and Baking has always been a God-given talent. It comes naturally to me. As a young girl, I would sit along side my grandmother for hours watching her bake homemade biscuits, prepare her own jelly/jams and my favorite, bake her cakes all from scratch. She would always tell me, that her hands were blessed and mine were too.  I hope and pray that each and every baked good OR savory eat that you receive from us, is a blessing to you and your family!

DeVita Parke, Owner

DeVita Parke is the founder of KupKake'd by DeVita.  Inspired by her grandmother, she has taken the art of cooking and baking to the next level by creating enormous jumbo styled homemade treats and savory eats-using the freshest and finest quality ingredients. The BEST of the BEST in these GIANT gourmet cupcakes - begging to be shared!